Unity Blog use case: Decouple Drupal + GraphQL 4 + Nextjs

Fran Seva y Eusebio

In this presentation we will talk about all technical details to have blog in Nextjs using GraphQL 4 with Drupal in the context of Unity Blog.

The topics we will cover in this presentation are:

  • Briefly GraphQL introduction.
  • Describe and show how map Drupal Entities into Graphql 4.
  • Describe and show how create an extensible structure.
  • Use of persistent queries and run GrapqhQL queries with Explorer.
  • Briefly Nextjs introduction.
  • Describe and show how run queries from Nextjs to Drupal GraphQL server.
  • Describe and show how display data from GraphQL in Nextjs components.
  • Learning after all...
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